General Questions

Question: Can I use the SSO with Firefox?
Answer: Yes

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Question: What Operating Systems does OmniPass Enterprise Edition work with?

Answer: Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000, Windows 2003

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Question: We share resources across many workstations and servers. We do not, however, have a Domain environment. Will OmniPass Enterprise Edition work in a "workgroup" environment?

Answer: No, OmniPass Enterprise Edition requires deployment into a Microsoft Windows Domain (Windows 2000 or later). Even when not installed on a Domain Controller, OmniPass Enterprise Edition utilizes Windows Domain structures for its operation.

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Question: Our IT/IS group does not permit any new services to be installed on any Domain Controllers at this time, can we still deploy OmniPass Enterprise Edition?

Answer: Yes, OmniPass Enterprise Edition can be deployed into an ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) Instance. ADAM is a Microsoft product that provides LDAP directory services, but does not have to be installed on a Domain Controller. Please consult with the Microsoft documentation for more information on ADAM ("). It is noted however, that a properly deployed Windows Active Directory Domain can be leveraged by OmniPass Enterprise Edition to deliver its strong authentication policies with the same high availability and fault tolerance of the Windows Active Directory.

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Question: We would like to implement OmniPass Enterprise Edition, but we may wish to adopt the usage of security devices that have not been released/built yet. Will OmniPass Enterprise Edition be able to integrate with security devices not explicitly listed on the Softex website?

Answer: Softex is continually developing the OmniPass product line to support additional security hardware pieces. The OmniPass software was specifically designed so that additional security hardware can be added at a later date by extension of the OmniPass architecture through component plug-ins. If there is a specific hardware piece in question, please contact a sales representative for assistance. Depending upon the size of the particular rollout, it may be possible for OmniPass to work with the customer and the hardware OEM to bring about an expedited solution.

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Question: Does OmniPass Enterprise Edition work with such and such software application?

Answer: Though there is no formal supported application list, OmniPass works with most application and website authentication prompt dialogs. And by using the Password Wizard and its advanced scripting engine, OmniPass can be "taught" to remember almost any type of authentication prompt. If there is a specific application in question please contact Zvetco for more information, or download the OmniPass Client Edition - Trial Version and try it out.

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Question: We have OmniPass Enterprise Edition 3.5x.xx already deployed, can the new OmniPass Client 4.xx.xx join our OmniPass Enterprise Server?

Answer: The OmniPass Client 4.0 Series cannot join a legacy OmniPass Enterprise Server, please contact Zvetco representative to determine the upgrade path or to obtain the proper migration tools.

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Question: Why is the client in standalone mode after installing the software?

Answer: The client is most likely running a firewall that blocked its ability to recognize it is part of the domain. Right-click on the OmniPass Icon in the Task Manager and select Connect to Server.

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Question: We cannot add any more users or machines to the OmniPass Enterprise Server, what is going on?

Answer: It is likely that all the OmniPass User Licenses and/or all the OmniPass Machine Licenses have been used up. Each computer joined to an OmniPass Server uses one OmniPass Machine License, and each user enrolled into OmniPass Enterprise Edition uses one OmniPass User License. One OmniPass CAL (Client Access License) contains one OmniPass Machine License and one OmniPass User License. 100 CAL's are needed to support 100 users enrolled into OmniPass Enterprise Edition, even if only 50 machines are joined to the OmniPass Enterprise Server. 100 CAL's are also needed to support 100 machines joined to the OmniPass Enterprise Server even if only 50 users are enrolled into OmniPass Enterprise Edition. If you have run out of licenses please contact us to obtain more CAL's. Alternatively, you can remove OmniPass Users and Machines using the OmniPass Management Console (an MMC-based administration tool) to free up the desired type of license.

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Question: We have numerous users running the OmniPass Client 3.xx.xx in standalone mode. Can these OmniPass Clients be joined to an OmniPass Enterprise 4.0 Server?

Answer : No, OmniPass Clients before version 4.0 cannot be converted from standalone mode to join to an OmniPass Enterprise Server. Only OmniPass 4.0 Clients can switch from standalone mode and be joined to an OmniPass Enterprise Server (and then only to an OmniPass Enterprise 4.0 Series Server).

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Question: How will OmniPass Enterprise Edition assist in achieving compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, or whatever accounting and/or governance initiative to which we're trying to adhere?

Answer: OmniPass Enterprise Edition can be used to implement strict access control policies, restricting access to network resources as well as individual computers. OmniPass Enterprise Edition also features extensive logging capabilities. Types of events that are logged include logging into and out of OmniPass, file encryption operations, accessing OmniPass-secured resources, among other access and authentication events.

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Fingerprint Enrollment:

Question: When I try to enroll my fingerprint it says it can not detect my fingerprint reader.


  1. Ensure that the reader is plugged into the computer and that is shows up in the Hardware Manager as either AES3400 or AES4000.
  2. Have the customer unplug the reader and plug it back into the computer.
  3. Insert the OPEE CD, explore the CD, locate the fingerprint driver folder and have them run ATDiag in that folder. (Possible hardware failure detected)
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