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Network Security.
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Authentication Hot Technology.
"Today's IT Security Activity Endpoint Authentication is the hottest technology with 29% of enterprises having either pilot deployments in place or near-term implementation plans. "

Many experts agree that human factors hold the key to effective, secure management of any network. Good Identity Management solutions are amongst the most widely used tools for effective network security. Whether the application is time and attendance or email, SSO (single sign on) or system maintenance, network security is utterly dependant on knowing who is actually performing any of the activities on the network. While many identity management suits are extremely adept at centralized access control, automated security reviews, recording, analyzing and reporting of network activities, they tend to rely on one critical yet common assumption - that user ID and password actually correlate to one and only one (legit) user.


More and more this critical assumption is under attack, and for good reason. Identity theft is not limited to credit card fraud. In the workplace, many employees know - and share- each other's passwords. "Buddy punching" is a real problem, and so are many other forms of security infractions which are accomplished using somebody else's user ID and password. Accountability and compliance are compromised, and potential liability is increased.

Multi-factor Authentication

Passwords and user ID are credentials a user knows, and other people may know as well. Passwords and user ID are not enough to establish a secure identity in the 21st Century. However, when we add a biometric credential to the mix, we now have a unique ID that cannot be easily (if at all) shared with an intruder. Strong authentication is achieved when at least a two factor authentication process takes place at all access points. To protect very sensitive networks, multiple factor authentications may be applied. When adding a USB token to biometrics and passwords we truly establish an identity by requiring the user to know something (a password), to be of a kind (with biometrics) and to physically posses a unique key (USB token).

Recommended Verifi Solutions

Authasas Enterprise Edition
This network security solution (client server) provides enterprises with a very secure & centralized biometric Verification & Identification system. The Authasas uses a multi-factor authentication for functionality of windows logon, SSO (Single-Sign-On) and File / Folder encryption.

The P5000 is the newest USB desktop device in the Verifi series of fingerprint readers. It uses the AuthenTec TCS1 sensor, the largest silicon sensor available, to give it the ability to be used in a wide variety of applications.

The P4000 is the proven corporate performer of the Verifi line of products. With over 100,000 units deployed globally, this standalone USB fingerprint reader is a reliable workhorse intended for the rigors of today's workplace.