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Biometrics and your Keyboard.
Interested in a reader integrated with your keyboard. The Verifi K4000 is designed to save your important desk space.
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Security Facts.
"What we call 'single-factor authentication' is a basic password and ID, now we're asking banks to use another form of identification"
Michael Jackson  - Deputy Director of Homeland Security

Using Zvetco Biometrics solutions you can maintain your peace of mind knowing that our solutions will grow with you as your needs evolve.

Enterprise level solutions tailored to Medium sized business

The same award winning hardware used by many large corporations in elaborate installations is available to you with off the shelf software solutions for client - server logon and SSO (single sign on). Many other applications such as Time and Attendance and, barcode reader replacement and more are available as well.

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Our private label option puts your logo on the fingerprint reader for an extra edge. Using any of our available SDK's, you can integrate our technology with your existing security applications.

Recommended Verifi Solutions

» Authasas Enterprise Edition
This network security solution (client server) provides enterprises with a very secure & centralized biometric Verification & Identification system. The Authasas uses a multi-factor authentication for functionality of windows logon, SSO (Single-Sign-On) and File / Folder encryption.

» P4000
The P4000 is the proven corporate performer of the Verifi line of products. With over 100,000 units deployed globally, this standalone USB fingerprint reader is a reliable workhorse intended for the rigors of today's workplace.

» P3400
The P3400 is the smallest and most cost effective fingerprint reader in the Verifi line of products. It's attractive styling and high resolution sensor make it an easy choice for any biometric desktop applications.