Success Stories
“We were amazed by the simplicity of installation and ease of use . . . with the biometric device, staff members really like using it and it eliminated the password drudgery.”
»  Richard E. Magee
House Budget Committee

Introducing the P5100 Reader!
Sporting the industries largest-based silicon fingerprint sensor, the P5100 can handle defending your sensitive data.
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Homeland Security Challenge
Zvetco Biometrics responds to the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD12) challenge
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Before 9/11 the country thought that we were well protected by the security mechanisms already in place. This misplaced confidence caused us to pass on additional security measures such as more air marshals and hardened cockpit doors. Sadly, we were grossly mistaken. As a result, we paid hundreds of billions of dollars in damage to our financial infrastructure and more tragically, 3,000+ lives were also lost forever. The lesson to be learned is that a small investment today may prevent another future disaster of unimaginable scale and consequence. To date, very few agencies actually use their government issued PIV cards to their full capacity.

Thankfully, as a result of HSPD-12, FISMA, FIPS-201 and programs such as US Access and USARC the US Government is beginning to recognize the need to use smart cards and the user’s biometric data contained therein to secure not only, access to buildings but also access to computers, networks, data, applications (both client-server or web) much more. In particular, Zvetco can assist government agencies at the federal, state and local levels as well as the US Armed Forces in unlocking the full potential of their existing infrastructure in order to deliver TODAY, on the promise of door to desktop security!

Government Solutions

On-Card Matching

One of the key provisions of the recently released FIPS-201-2 is the fact that OCC (On Card biometric Comparison) or as it is more widely known; Match-on-Card or On-Card Matching, is now recognized and approved. Zvetco can provide high assurance authentication to privileged users, government personnel and visiting contractors. In particular, we have on card matching solutions for programs like US ACCESS and USARC. We support both Oberthur and Gemalto cards.

FIPS 201 Certified Solutions

Zvetco manufactures a variety of FIPS-201 approved and certified combination biometric/smart card readers with the ability to perform MoC.

Among these, the P6500 and P5500 models are FIPS-201 approved and may be found on the FIPS-201 APL under the following numbers: 483, 487 & 488. These supplement our smart card only C500 and fingerprint only P6000 readers, which designed to meet the needs of those looking to add a biometric to an existing card reader or vice-versa.


As a manufacturer of biometric based user authentication devices since 1999, Zvetco Biometrics has taken a leadership role in the design and manufacture of best-in-class identity authentication hardware and is a supplier of market leading identity management solutions. Zvetco provides its Government customers with cost-effective biometric and smart card tools for logical access to increase network security, drive accountability, maintain compliance and eliminate the cost and inconvenience of password-based access by achieving the following:

  • Strengthen identity proofing
  • Greatly reduce identity impersonation
  • Prevent a fraudster from committing a repeat crime
  • Relieve compliance reporting costs
  • Reduce spiraling password related help desk costs
  • Give determined insiders a reason to think twice

CJIS Solutions

Zvetco Biometrics enables you to meet and exceed CJIS security requirements for accessing state and national CJIS data bases via the implementation of biometrics as a second factor in the authentication of users wishing to access the CJIS at the municipal, state and federal levels. This can be achieved in a variety of ways and at different levels within the organization.

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Compliance and Certification

Our family of FIPS-201 & FBI certified biometric readers deliver on the promise of HSPD-12 in a rugged, all metal construction device that is elegant and extremely accurate. Further protected by powder coat and advanced internal electronic protections, they boast the industry’s best ESD safeguard for a silicone based reader. Zvetco Biometrics provides the key ingredients that enable any government institution to reduce costs, increase speed/efficiency and achieve compliance with all current and future regulations.

Meeting Standards

FIPS 201 and PIV leverage existing ANSI, ISO, IETF and other standards. Thousands of products including most operating systems, mobile and enterprise applications and services and physical access control system support PIV-I credentials because of these standards.

The Zvetco Advantage

Zvetco products utilize built in protections against ESD (Electro-Static Discharge), redundant overcurrent defenses and all metal construction all Zvetco readers provide a level of ruggedness and reliability that are not found in any other reader in the market. This equates to superior longevity and the elimination of product refreshes that add significantly to the overall cost of a biometric initiative and needlessly cripple your already strained budgets.

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Zvetco FIPS-201 Certified Solutions

» P6500
The P6500 is a USB smartcard and fingerprint device for use in FIPS 201 certified (#487 and #488 on the APL) and PIV card applications. It uses the AuthenTec TCS1 sensor, with Enhanced Image Mode (EIM), giving it the largest fingerprint image for any silicon-based fingerprint sensor on the market.

» P6000
The P6000 is a FIPS-201 certified (#420 on the APL) USB desktop device in the Verifi series of fingerprint readers. It uses the AuthenTec TCS1 sensor, the largest silicon sensor available, to give it the ability to be used in a wide variety of applications.

» P5500
The P5500 is a USB smartcard and fingerprint device for use in FIPS 201 certified (#483 on the APL)and PIV card applications. It uses the AuthenTec TCS1 sensor, with Enhanced Image Mode (EIM), giving it the largest fingerprint image for any silicon-based fingerprint sensor on the market.

» C500
The C500 is a USB smartcard device for use in FIPS certified (#613 on the APL) multifactor security applications. It uses the SCM SCR3310, ISO 7816 Smart Card reader, allowing for proven security technology to combine with your existing security network for strong multi-factor authentication.