“Our testing of this device resulted in a scan and interpretation in less than 2 seconds, it is one secure little device and it wins our BEST BUY AWARD!”
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Who Loses with Identity Theft?
"The Justice Department estimated the loss to households due to identity theft at $3.2 billion."
The Justice Department (DOJ)

The New P5100 Reader.
Sporting the industries largest-based silicon fingerprint sensor, the P5100 can tackle both large and small jobs.
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Common challenges that are faced by enterprise entities today include identity management, user authentication and data security. Companies realize that the threat today comes not only from external attacks but also from within. In a highly regulated environment the impact of a rogue employee’s action can bring an organization down or severely damage their reputation. Zvetco offers solutions to enterprise that address this common issue effectively and also reduce system maintenance and help desk costs while delivering measurable ROI in addition to securing critical information. Since its inception, Zvetco has focused heavily on user authentication within the enterprise. Zvetco products are well known for their high quality and high uptime making them the choice of organizations such as Medco, Bloomberg, Citibank and AXA Equitable to name a few.


As a manufacturer of biometric based user authentication devices since 1999, Zvetco Biometrics has taken a leadership role in the design and manufacture of best-in-class identity authentication hardware and is a supplier of market leading identity management solutions. Zvetco provides its financial customers with cost-effective biometric and smart card tools for logical access to networks, websites, apps and PC’s to achieve the following:

  • Strengthen identity proofing
  • Greatly reduce identity impersonation
  • Prevent a fraudster from committing a repeat crime
  • Relieve compliance reporting costs
  • Simplify Identity Theft victim assistance for addressing lost or stolen identity credentials.
  • Compliance & Certifications

    The U.S. government has implemented new legislation, regulations, and programs to control the nation’s financial institutions. A component of these includes requirements for greater user authentication and protections for the consumer and their identity. Of note, since the FFIEC guidance in 2005 on "Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment" cybercriminals have evolved significantly, leading the FFIEC to draft new guidance for protecting your business and your customers from fraud. FFIEC’s recent update of 2011, Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and other regulations require financial institutions to verify the authenticity of their employees and customers. While many banks have opted for tokens these prove unreliable as they can be compromised as happened with RSA SecurID tokens, shared, lost or stolen. Zvetco Biometrics provides the key ingredients that enable any financial institution to reduce costs, increase speed/efficiency and achieve compliance with all current and future regulations. These include:

  • Biometric identification of employees with a history of insider fraud or other criminal activities – Biometric enrollment for employees is much easier as it can be accomplished as part of the hiring process by Human Resources or performed locally at branches using the same equipment as for customer enrollment. Further, employee identification can be used in conjunction with a fraudster database as part of the financial institution’s background check to ensure that new hires are not previously identified fraudsters.
  • Shifting the financial institution’s reliance away from passwords and tokens – This reduces the need for employee authentication, thereby reducing risk of credential or token sharing (biometrics, unlike passwords or tokens can’t be shared) to enable employees to gain access to resources to which they don’t have the authorization or entitlements.
  • Efficient employee authentication for automatic password and/or account reset, helping to greatly reduce help desk costs.
  • Employee verification for a higher degree of authenticity, strengthening the financial institution’s access control practices, which reduces regulatory liability
  • Insider threat deterrent – Biometrics can be used to better track employees to ensure that only the properly authorized individuals are performing their duties during the appropriate times at the appropriate locations. Biometrics also make one think twice before considering or attempting a fraud.
  • The Zvetco Difference

    Zvetco differentiates itself from the competition in four key ways.

    First, we embrace industry standards. By doing so, we provide the greatest flexibility of products and software solutions in the market. Have a need for authentication prior to accessing a customer’s account information via the web? No problem. Do you require a Single Sign-On with a biometric? Zvetco has you covered with market leading products according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant™. Wish to add biometric authentication for remote access via Citrix or VPN? Zvetco delivers once more. Is biometric control of your SAP systems a requirement? We can lock down SAP at the application, group, user, transaction; even down to the field level! Want to perform a biometric match on a smart card? Yep, we do that too. Zvetco’s ability to adhere strictly to industry standards delivers the greatest variety of solutions and software tools in the market. Regardless of degree of difficulty and/or complexity of problem, Zvetco has a biometric device and software instrument that will solve your problem.

    Second – High Quality. Zvetco manufactures the widest variety of extremely high quality readers in the marketplace today. It starts with our all-metal outer shell, which is powder coated for permanent protection and continues under the skin to our patent-pending voltage regulators and ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) protections. There is no item too small or insignificant that we do not address even if it means going to the extreme of using low inductance cables internally instead of standard cables that all others utilize. This means that unexpected voltage spikes will dissipate quickly instead of lingering and causing unwanted damage of the sensitive components on the printed circuit board.

    Third – Tailored Solutions. Our unmatched breadth of readers and software solutions enable Zvetco to furnish your agency or enterprise with a custom tailored solution that solves your needs exactly. Unlike other vendors that develop their software in-house and have a limited scope, Zvetco is able to deliver compatibility with 30+ vendors, each a leader in their respective vertical. This unique capability gives Zvetco the ability to provide you with precisely what you need; no more, no less. This means you will not be obligated to buy an overkill, overpriced solution or buy less, which is unsuitable.

    Fourth – Compatible with Existing Infrastructure. As stated above, Zvetco enjoys compatibility with the largest number of software applications in the industry. As such, we can bolt on a biometric layer of unbeatable protection to your current infrastructure. Even older legacy applications that don’t offer advanced security protections can be locked down biometrically! This protects your initial investment in software, systems and staff that are trained and comfortable with the present systems.

    Recommended Verifi Solutions

    » Authasas Enterprise Edition
    This network security solution (client server) provides enterprises with a very secure & centralized biometric Verification & Identification system. The Authasas uses a multi-factor authentication for functionality of windows logon, SSO (Single-Sign-On) and File / Folder encryption.

    » Custom Authentication solutions
    As a product development firm & a biometric related solution provider, we offer our software & hardware engineering capabilities acting as system integrator to provide you with a tailored biometric authentication solution.

    » P5100
    The P5100 is the newest USB desktop device in the Verifi series of fingerprint readers. It uses the AuthenTec TCS1 sensor, the largest silicon sensor available, to give it the ability to be used in a wide variety of applications.