West Tennessee Healthcare and Biometrics:
Using Trusted Space Software and Zvetco Biometrics Verifi Fingerprint Readers, West Tennessee Healthcare Benefits from an integrated Biometric Security Solution

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Phishing Expeditions.
"It's estimated that more than 60 million Americans have been caught in phishing expeditions."
Gartner Research

While financial institutions and health care providers were the first to adopt large scale biometric solutions, the educational field is now coming strong. Pupil safety, especially in kindergarten and K12, is of major concern. The old process of "write your name, time, sign and get your kid" is increasingly viewed as not safe enough. With Zvetco's fingerprint readers and software, it is easy to verify identities of parents and other authorized adults.

Magnetic Stripe / Barcode Replacement

In the cafeteria, library and anywhere else where a magnetic bar code is used to establish student identity, biometric bar code replacement systems from Zvetco stream line the process and totally eliminate sharing of cards. Administrative costs are reduces as well as there are no cards to issue, and students convenience is enhanced as they no longer need to bother with having the cards on themselves.

Remote Learning

Perhaps the financial payoff from using biometrics in the education system is derived in the remote learning universities, where now, with the help of fingerprint readers or fingerprint keyboards, off site student identity can be positively established and monitored. The resulting increased confidence in the integrity of the learning process works to enhance reputation of universities which use Zvetco technology, and helps them increase the size of their student base.

Recommended Verifi Solutions

The P4000 is the proven corporate performer of the Verifi line of products. With over 100,000 units deployed globally, this standalone USB fingerprint reader is a reliable workhorse intended for the rigors of today's workplace.