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Biometrics and the Dutch Supreme Court:
To defend against data and identity theft the Dutch Supreme Court utilizes Zvetco Fingerprint Readers password replacement.

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The New P5100 Reader.
Sporting the industries largest-based silicon fingerprint sensor, the P5100 can tackle both large and small jobs.
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Insider Fraud.
Most significant risks to a business come from within.
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Channel Partner Program.
Become a Channel Partner and add the industries best-of-breed biometric products to your product line.
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Zvetco and WBF

Are you looking for instant compatibility with Windows Biometric Framework for locking your desktop/laptops/netbook devices? Zvetco Biometrics provides a variety of fingerprint readers that are fully compatible with this standard. This delivers an immediate way for clamping down access to any of the aforementioned computer systems via the irrefutable proof that a biometric fingerprint brings. Moreover, it couldn’t be easier since the user does not have to remember complex passwords. Instead, they may use a static logon plus their fingerprint for an easy-to-use yet, foolproof method of denying unauthorized users access to sensitive data contained in your organization’s computers.

Benefits of WBF

In Windows versions earlier than Windows 7, every fingerprint biometric device vendor was required to provide its own technology stack, including drivers, software development kits (SDKs), and applications. The result was a range of proprietary solutions that lacked a consistent user experience and a common management platform.

The absence of a common programming interface led to incompatibility between application software and fingerprint biometric devices, as well as inconsistency in the quality and reliability of drivers and packages. Also, the differing nature of application stacks and driver models for biometrics devices complicated servicing and maintaining these proprietary solutions.

In Windows 7, the Windows operating system provides native support for fingerprint biometric devices through WBF. This framework provides support for biometric technologies, including the following:

  • An improvement in the quality and reliability of fingerprint biometric drivers and management applications.
  • A more consistent user experience.
  • A common platform and a set of interfaces for software developers.
  • Improved manageability and serviceability of fingerprint biometric devices in Windows.

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Zvetco Readers are WBF Compatible

Zvetco has a dozen biometric devices that enjoy full compatibility with Windows WBF today with 3 others soon to be introduced. We provide the greatest variety of Windows WBF compliant readers in the market today. More important, they all share some key characteristics that make Zvetco devices superior to the competition. These include:

  • Rugged, all-metal construction
  • Different form factors – desktop, mountable, fully waterproof (can be submerged entirely)
  • Redundant over-current protection
  • Highest ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) protection in the industry
  • Small, ergonomic design that delivers the smallest footprint in the industry (one-third of an inch thick)

The Zvetco Advantage

Zvetco products utilize built in protections against ESD (Electro-Static Discharge), redundant overcurrent defenses and all metal construction all Zvetco readers provide a level of ruggedness and reliability that are not found in any other reader in the market. This equates to superior longevity and the elimination of product refreshes that add significantly to the overall cost of a biometric initiative and needlessly cripple your already strained budgets.

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