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Biometrics and the Dutch Supreme Court:
To defend against data and identity theft the Dutch Supreme Court utilizes Zvetco Fingerprint Readers password replacement.

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Verifi Express Pack!
Fast and Affordable: Get a Verifi fingerprint reader for a special low price.
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The New P5100 Reader.
Sporting the industries largest-based silicon fingerprint sensor, the P5100 can tackle both large and small jobs.
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Insider Fraud.
Most significant risks to a business come from within.
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Channel Partner Program.
Become a Channel Partner and add the industries best-of-breed biometric products to your product line.
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Discover Web Authentication

Who is actually the user at the other end of the cloud? Zvetco brings irrefutable proof that the person on the other side is indeed who they say they are. By using fingerprint biometrics, long recognized as the global standard for identifying and authenticating indivuals, Zvetco removes the doubt that is always there when the user’s credentials consist only of something they know and/or something they have.

Integrating with Citrix® XenApp and XenDesktop

Citrix® provides several authentication points and methods. Where desired, an administrator may elect to use “Passthrough” authentication if prior user authentication has been appropriately established or they can opt for an additional authentication at certain key points or for specific high value transactions.

Zvetco supports authentication to the Citrix Web Interface via Authasas Advanced Authentication (AAA) server-side and client-side components. On the client, the minimum requirement is the Authasas RTE (Runtime Environment); alternatively, the full Authasas Workstation client may be installed. Both client deployment methods support all authentication modules provided by Authasas, and one or more of these modules must also be installed on the client.

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Citrix® XenApp Web Interface Server

  • New XenApp websites within a farm may be created specifically to support strong authentication, providing a new URL, and without affecting existing sites.
  • Existing XenApp sites may be modified to enable strong authentication without providing a new URL.

Virtualization and Information Security

Two major topics in the IT community today are resource virtualization and information security. With virtualization, access points become less clearly defined, and securing those infrastructure access points becomes as important, if not more important, than securing the end point itself.

Industries such as healthcare, financial services, transportation, energy, manufacturing, retail, etc., have been affected by economic stress and have found relief in consolidation and centralization of IT resources within a corporate cloud. These same organizations are becoming increasingly burdened by data security regulations and compliance.

Zvetco and AAA address both of these by providing an enterprise-scale authentication solution that protects network access from all points of entry. Virtualization has created a platform through which deploying and managing strong authentication is greatly simplified. Whether via a virtual or direct connection, Zvetco provides the biometric toolset to assure that authenticity and once authenticated, enforce enterprise security policies for that individual as they work within the network.

Citrix® Client

  • The client components to support logon to the Citrix® Web Interface may include either the Authasas Advanced Authentication® Enterprise Workstation components, or the RunTime Environment (RTE) as determined by customer requirements.
  • All Windows® and Windows® embedded operating systems are supported in both x86 and x64 platforms.
  • Kiosks / shared workstations are supported - the logged in user to the shared workstation may be a common account allowing generic authentication to the workstation, and explicit authentication to Citrix® WI via Authasas Advanced Authentication®.
  • To better support remote users, the computer need not be a member of the domain in order to support Citrix® WI logon via Authasas Advanced Authentication®.
  • Thin clients, zero clients, desktops, laptops are supported

The Zvetco Advantage

Zvetco products utilize built in protections against ESD (Electro-Static Discharge), redundant overcurrent defenses and all metal construction all Zvetco readers provide a level of ruggedness and reliability that are not found in any other reader in the market. This equates to superior longevity and the elimination of product refreshes that add significantly to the overall cost of a biometric initiative and needlessly cripple your already strained budgets.

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