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Biometrics and the Dutch Supreme Court:
To defend against data and identity theft the Dutch Supreme Court utilizes Zvetco Fingerprint Readers password replacement.

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The New P5100 Reader.
Sporting the industries largest-based silicon fingerprint sensor, the P5100 can tackle both large and small jobs.
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Insider Fraud.
Most significant risks to a business come from within.
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Channel Partner Program.
Become a Channel Partner and add the industries best-of-breed biometric products to your product line.
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Irrefutable Proof

More Accurate Control

Ever wish you had more accurate control over the transactions being made on your POS terminal? Zvetco provides you with irrefutable proof of who is on the terminal and what operations they are performing.

POS terminals capture and retain much more information today. Among the many items that are stored and tracked are: customers’ sensitive information, sales numbers, profit margins, product costs, etc. One dishonest employee or unscrupulous outside hacker can trigger a very large—and very expensive—disaster.

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Employee Theft Tops $19 Billion

While it may sound like a sinister plot from a bad sci-fi movie, the harsh reality is that there are dishonest people out there that can seriously damage your retail business. According to numbers released by the National Retail Federation (NRF), nationwide employee theft topped $19B in 2006. Biometric security is just one more level of defense to thwart the thieves.

When an employee logs into the retail point of sale system, he must enter his user ID. But instead of typing his password, he simply scans his finger on the Zvetco biometric fingerprint reader. Any time the employee attempts to access a password-protected area of the retail point of sale software, he is required to scan his finger. This increased employee accountability can help protect you from costly damage—whether intentional or accidental—to your data.

Installing and implementing biometrics in your retail business can give you added peace of mind—you'll rest easier knowing that the data you depend on is safe and secure.

Your Benefits

  • More control over transactions by the cashiers
  • Gives cashiers pause to think before they attempt a fraudulent transaction as they know that their fingerprint will be forever linked to said transaction.
  • Irrefutable proof of whom made the transaction and this is a critical ingredient in potential prosecution, if that becomes necessary
  • Easy to use – cashiers no longer have to remember complex passwords or worse, choose easy to remember and thus, easy to crack passwords

With high turnover in the retail industry a fact of life, insiders that are soon to leave may be tempted to change prices, lower the quantity on hand, delete items, steal your customer list, or take any number of other damaging actions. And if the retail point of sale system was accessed with a stolen or hacked password, finding the responsible party can be almost impossible. Using Zvetco biometric fingerprint readers eliminates these potential pitfalls and protects your business. Because of Zvetco’s unparalleled compatibility with Windows based devices, you can quickly add one of our mountable, fully waterproof biometric readers to any Windows POS software for increased protection against unscrupulous insiders.