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Biometrics and the Dutch Supreme Court:
To defend against data and identity theft the Dutch Supreme Court utilizes Zvetco Fingerprint Readers password replacement.

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Verifi Express Pack!
Fast and Affordable: Get a Verifi fingerprint reader for a special low price.
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The New P5100 Reader.
Sporting the industries largest-based silicon fingerprint sensor, the P5100 can tackle both large and small jobs.
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Insider Fraud.
Most significant risks to a business come from within.
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Channel Partner Program.
Become a Channel Partner and add the industries best-of-breed biometric products to your product line.
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Oberthur On-Card Matching

Zvetco and Oberthur Authentication Solution

Zvetco and Oberthur have a foolproof authentication solution that scales into the millions yet, is easy to use, requires no data base, data base administrators or always-on network. Using the Oberthur ID One Authentic card and middleware in conjunction with Zvetco’s rugged, all metal, biometric/smart card readers you can quickly add foolproof two-factor authentication (smart card + biometric fingerprint) or for high value data and/or users, three-factor authentication (smart card + PIN + biometric fingerprint). The Oberthur ID One is also, FIPS-201-2 certified, which means that it is ready today for PIV and PIVi implementations. Moreover, its seamless integration with Windows® e-mail clients including Outlook® and web applications while it’s functionality with Zvetco’s industry leading, non-proprietary readers makes it an ideal choice for your organization.

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Trust your Corporate Environment

Reduce any identity fraud and data theft within your corporate environment thanks to our easy to integrate, convenient and reliable smart card based solution. Totally integrated into any Public Key Infrastructure, Oberthur’s ID-One Authentic Integration Suite enables strong authentication when combined with our readers. Simply replace your login/password by a fingerprint. Use digital signature and data encryption for even high security levels. Authentic devices become your key to access any digital world.

Increase your brand visibility and corporate security by printing a complete visual on a card (employee picture, name, department, validity date etc.). In addition to the logical access control the card provides, you can increase its functionality by repurposing the card as an employee badge.

Your Benefits

  • Enhanced security: Replace weak login/password mechanism by a secure smart card based solution. Digital certificates on smart devices combined with a user’s fingerprint provide the highest security and trust level over your network.
  • Flexible offer: Enabling your organization to replace non-secured login/password by an easy-to-use login interface or to implement an advanced biometric login with multiple capabilities, Authentic solutions help you to meet your security requirements.
  • Standard solution: Oberthur Technologies provides standard software interfaces compliant with any corporate applications (PC login, VPN access, e-mail signature etc.).
  • All-in-one devices for real convenience: One single device for both logical and physical access control increases security acceptance and mobility.
  • IT cost reduction: Reduce helpdesk support costs and IT management with fingerprint authentication. Employee no longer needs to remember long and frequently changing password.