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Biometrics and the Dutch Supreme Court:
To defend against data and identity theft the Dutch Supreme Court utilizes Zvetco Fingerprint Readers password replacement.

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Insider Fraud.
Most significant risks to a business come from within.
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Fingerprint Security with Active Directory

Zvetco offers an Enterprise grade scalable tool that delivers biometric authentication to Active Directory and/or Novell eDirectory logon. This extremely powerful platform supports multi-factor authentication including PKI, fingerprint and HID cards. In addition, it offers a sophisticated, optional SDK for close integration of biometric functionality with business transactions. This SDK can be used in lieu of traditional single sign-on solutions. The Zvetco-Authasas tools support a variety of hardware platforms including desktops, laptops, thin clients, zero clients and many more.

Zvetco and Authasas for AD Security

Zvetco and Authasas Advanced Authentication (AAA) fully support and utilize Microsoft Windows Active Directory (AD). AD technology was introduced with Windows 2000 to replace the traditional Windows NT SAM database.

  • Multimaster domain model
  • Load balancing
  • Support for complex (ntier) domain configurations and sites
  • Automatic data replication of both operating system and third-party data
  • Robust failover capability
  • Extensible schema
  • Support for ADAM
  • Tightly integrated with the Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Global Catalog

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Designed to Address Overall Security

Security functionality should be easy to use, so that users will not attempt to bypass it.

Different applications call for different security measures, therefore security layers must be flexible in order to provide the right level of protection to the problem being addressed.

Administrators must be able to manage the entire system in a consolidated and integrated manner, from a central or multiple locations.

Customers gain considerable robustness through AD, and can substantially lower their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Zvetco/AAA enabled AD domains. AAA integrates with many of the failover and data replication services that the operating system provides. AD’s multimaster domain model allows the domain to function normally in the case where a Domain Controller (DC) becomes unavailable. As long as the domain consists of more than one DC, there is no single designated DC to process information updates. In case of a DC failure, and assuming the worst case scenario, only the last data that was received but not replicated across the domain/forest is lost. As long as the DC becomes available again, the updated data may not even be lost but may just be unavailable until the DC goes live once again. AD’s use of DNS and its Global Catalog subsystem greatly supports service discovery and reduces network bandwidth usage.

Authasas Advanced Authentication (AAA) fully leverages these mechanisms to provide data replication, a robust and fast server discovery to its clients on the network.

Simplify your Password Management

Password management and the costs associated with them have taken on added importance in recent years with the proliferation of worms, bots, and other malware which have improved their ability to propagate themselves through the abuse of inadequate passwords. Moreover, the reliance on Active Directory for user access to desktops and portable computing devices itself, a password based system, creates serious problems for IT administrators and end users alike.

Enforcement of complex passwords is one of the oldest issues facing IT security administrators but continues to plague enterprises across the globe. These weaknesses can exist at both the Active Directory and the local level, each of which can be exploited effectively by malware and by insider threats. In addition, with the increase of cross-platform centralized authentication, compromise of Windows credentials can often lead directly to compromise of credentials of other platforms (eg. UNIX, RACF, ACF2, Top Secret, etc). Even if complex passwords are enforced on the vast majority of accounts on the network, it takes but one weak password to lead to a much larger compromise.

Zvetco has a far better solution – biometric logon to Windows Active Directory and/or local PC. Zvetco and Authasas (AUTHentication As A Service) together, bring the most effective toolset for combating the inherent weaknesses of today’s password based systems. Together, provides an off-the-shelf, convenient password replacement solution, supporting multiple biometric and non-biometric authentication technologies, a wide range of hardware devices, centralized account management, powerful administrator tools and broad reporting capabilities. Zvetco and Authasas Advanced Authentication (AAA) deliver the most intuitive and comprehensive authentication management infrastructure available today.