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Biometrics and the Dutch Supreme Court:
To defend against data and identity theft the Dutch Supreme Court utilizes Zvetco Fingerprint Readers password replacement.

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Insider Fraud.
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Novell Security

Biometrics are physical or behavioral characteristics unique to an individual, such as a finger print, iris pattern or face image. Because each individual has unique biometric data, solutions based on biometrics offer a superior and more accurate means of ensuring integrity. By matching patterns of individuals against databases of records or, in a more portable format, against a fingerprint template stored on smart cards such as the Oberthur ID-One Cosmo cards, Zvetco’s Novell customers are better able to protect and secure their networks and resources from unauthorized internal and external theft previously made possible by fraudulent identities

Novell Compatibility

For Novell customers concerned with securing user access to their networks, Zvetco NMAS Method provides organizations an extra layer of security. Zvetco Biometrics replaces weak static passwords with biometric based protection enabling extremely strong two-factor authentication that integrates with Novell eDirectory™. Usage of Novell iManager enables effortless deployment, management, and broad application coverage for all login scenarios (i.e. LAN, VPN, Web).

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Native Novell Integration

  • All user and device information is stored in Novell eDirectory.
  • Authentication policies are based on eDirectory and applied to users via directory inheritance.
  • User management is performed in Novell iManager using built in controls.

Legislative Demands

Further, the U.S. government has implemented new legislation, regulations, and programs to control the nation’s businesses. A component of these includes requirements for greater user authentication and protections for the consumer and their identity. While many have opted for tokens these prove unreliable as they can be compromised as happened with RSA SecurID tokens , shared, lost or stolen. Zvetco Biometrics provides the key ingredients that enable any organization to reduce costs, increase speed/efficiency and achieve compliance with all current and future regulations.

These include:

  • Biometric identification of employees with a history of insider fraud or other criminal activities – Biometric enrollment for employees is much easier as it can be accomplished as part of the hiring process by Human Resources or performed locally at branches using the same equipment as for customer enrollment. Further, employee identification can be used in conjunction with a fraudster database as part of the financial institution’s background check to ensure that new hires are not previously identified fraudsters.
  • Shifting the financial institution’s reliance away from passwords and tokens – This reduces the need for employee authentication, thereby reducing risk of credential or token sharing (biometrics, unlike passwords or tokens can’t be shared) to enable employees to gain access to resources to which they don’t have the authorizations or entitlements.
  • Efficient employee authentication for automatic password and/or account reset, helping to greatly reduce help desk costs.
  • Employee verification for a higher degree of authenticity, strengthening the financial institution’s access control practices, which reduces regulatory liability
  • Insider threat deterrent – Biometrics can be used to better track employees to ensure that only the properly authorized individuals are performing their duties during the appropriate times at the appropriate locations. Biometrics also make one think twice before attempting a fraud.

Novell and Biometrics:

Increases Security and Usability

  • Increases protection of corporate resources by replacing the use of static passwords for user access with biometric fingerprint.
  • Reduces employee frustration associated with complex static passwords; instead complexity is eliminated by the biometric.
  • Accommodates different levels of security and usability such as biometric plus PIN or biometric only user logins.
  • Unlike tokens and cards, biometrics cannot be shared, which greatly reduces potential for fraud from a determined insider.

Experience Easy Setup and Management

  • Simplifies deployment by leveraging existing eDirectory installation for user and biometric management.
  • Eases distribution and enforcement of policies via directory inheritance capabilities.
  • Empowers administrators with new capabilities built directly into iManager’s management console; avoids the need for a new management console paradigm.
  • Aligns with existing workforce practices by supporting all login scenarios.

Lowers Cost of Ownership

  • Minimizes cost of ownership as no additional database is required nor the associated configuration, maintenance, and training costs.
  • Speeds ROI of existing and future Novell investments through interoperability with all Novell applications.

The Zvetco Advantage

Zvetco products utilize built in protections against ESD (Electro-Static Discharge), redundant overcurrent defenses and all metal construction all Zvetco readers provide a level of ruggedness and reliability that are not found in any other reader in the market. This equates to superior longevity and the elimination of product refreshes that add significantly to the overall cost of a biometric initiative and needlessly cripple your already strained budgets.

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