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Who Loses with Identity Theft?
"The Justice Department estimated the loss to households due to identity theft at $3.2 billion."
The Justice Department (DOJ)

Explore the Possibilities!
Introducing the P5000 fingerprint device. Incorporating the latest in biometric technology this large-area sensor is ready to you to new places.
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Experienced Electronic Manufacturers

If your business requires a fast, efficient, cost effective turnkey service, Zvetco can provide everything from basic PCB manufacture through to complete product assembly. You'll have the full support of our design and production engineering team throughout the process, so any problems can be identified and dealt with as quickly as possible.

If you're looking for a truly cost effective and time-efficient route to new product introduction, Zvetco has the answer.

Your Benefits

  • Design support
  • Procurement
  • Low and high volume assembly.
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Final assembly.
  • Full functional testing.
  • Packing and shipping services.
  • Scheduled deliveries.

Practical solutions

pcbOur team of multi-disciplined design engineers will work closely with you to create a feature-rich, reliable, repeatable production solution, and we'll provide you with a fixed price to meet your specifications.

With design and manufacturing conveniently located under one roof, you save time, money and hassle - and our experienced team can identify and resolve any design problems early on in the process.

pcb Doing our part to help you lower the cost of your part.

The quality and originality of our engineering can be seen in hundreds of parts: blocks and heads, transmissions, suspension components, carriers, housings, medical parts, aerospace monolithic and turbo parts, micromechanical parts, and many more. In addition to our own dedicated engineering staff, we’ve formed strategic partnerships with leading companies in material handling, tooling and fixture design.

Your Zvetco Turnkey

Zvetco Turnkey manufacturing assures that the process provided has been analyzed for optimum performance and value as well as documented for continued use. A Zvetco Turnkey is a complete engineered solution, balancing cycle time, cost and quality while keeping in mind ease of operation, ergonomics, tolerance stack ups, part flow and safety.

The Zvetco Turnkey capability includes:

Circuit design - analogue and digital

PCB layout using Orcad

Enclosure design using AutoCAD, Solidworks

Simulation using Spice

Concept design with 3D modelling using Solidworks

Software, embedded software using C, C++, PC and multi-user software using .Net, C, C+, Visual Basic, SQL data bases

The resulting system will be based on the most cost effective technology that meets the customer's specifications.