With roots as a product development company enabled us to not only produce best in class biometric products, but also to offer our customers complete product design and development services. Building on many years of experience in the biometrics, consumer products and automotive electronics, we can take a customer idea, concept or a rough prototype, and successfully bring it to market.

Our industrial design team can help create conceptual designs, which once approved, are designed by our engineers, using advanced 3D CAD systems to ensure perfect fit form and function. Tapping into our extensive supplier base in the Far East and locally, we can bring a product to market faster, and more economically than most of our competitors.

"Zvetco’s FingerTouch is actually the most full-featured of the biometric solutions as software goes. In addition to securely storing e-wallet information such as addresses, phone numbers and even credit card information, the Verifi ID software that ships with Zvetco’s biometric pod will recognize non-standard Web login forms as well as application logins with a little user intervention."
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Proven Performer.
With over 100,000 readers in the field, the P4000 fingerprint reader provides the ultimate in performance and reliability.
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Zvetco Services


Product Hardware Development

Engineering services for product development.


Custom Biometric Authentication Solutions

Off-the-shelf and custom solutions for a wide variety of authentication jobs.


Turn-Key Manufacturing

We can reduce your worry. We provide comprehensive project management of deadlines, as well as tracking and handling of all issues. With Zvetco Turnkey Manufacturing Services, you can be assured of a smooth startup into production.