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Who Loses with Identity Theft?
"The Justice Department estimated the loss to households due to identity theft at $3.2 billion."
The Justice Department (DOJ)

Explore the Possibilities!
Introducing the P5000 fingerprint device. Incorporating the latest in biometric technology this large-area sensor is ready to you to new places.
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Experienced Product Development

As a product development firm & a biometric related solution provider, we offer our software & hardware engineering capabilities acting as system integrator to provide you with a tailored biometric authentication solution. Using our skilled engineering team, Zvetco will provide the customized solution according to your specifications fitted to your environment, on time, on budget.

Your Benefits

  • No Identity Theft!
  • Biometric authentication solutions will save money by reducing administration costs.
  • Companies can equip existing systems with biometric authentication for various applications.
  • No dedicated programmers / engineers need to be allocated for a project.
  • Systems shall be based on cutting edge biometric technology for the best performance.

Industry Types

There is a long list of industries that can benefit from a custom authentication solution:

Education, Consumer electronics, Automotive, Residential, Retail, Finance, Insurance, Hospitality, High Technology, Telecom, Government administration, Commercial property, Public facilities, Healthcare, Agriculture & food, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Shipping & warehousing, Travel & Transport, Aerospace & Defense, Chemicals, petroleum & Plastics, Energy, utility & waste, Law enforcement, among others.

Our Team Can

  • Define the required features, which might incorporate software & hardware components.
  • Design an appropriate biometric authentication solution according to strict design guidelines of DFMEA and provide the you best value.
  • Implement the designed solution.
  • Configure & Install.
  • Maintain the system.

Biometric Know-How

Enterprises can use our services in order to integrate a biometric authentication system for Verification (1:1) or Identification (1:N) for hundreds, thousands or even millions of users. Our design will incorporate cutting edge technology from both elements.

Readers in multiple form factors, including industrial & mountable devices for harsh environments.
Matching algorithms that provide the fastest & most accurate results in different OS environments.

The resulting system will be based on the most cost effective technology that meets the customer's specifications.