Zvetco solutions have been deployed world wide and in large numbers, on the strength of their proven biometric fingerprint technology. The Verifi line of USB fingerprint readers, in various form factors, are biometric authentication devices. We have incorporated the most advanced fingerprint scanning technology into ergonomic computer peripherals and support them with industry leading software.

Verifi products utilize the latest and most advanced sensors from AuthenTec and AuthenTec, covering a broad spectrum of cost / benefit points to address needs from simple identity verification (1:1) to complex identification against large data bases of users (1:N)

We offer many software solutions for common applications such as logon and Single- Sign-On (SSO), biometric authentication over the internet as well as more industry specific solutions, such as bar code replacement.

Success Stories
“We were amazed by the simplicity of installation and ease of use . . . with the biometric device, staff members really like using it and it eliminated the password drudgery.”
»  Richard E. Magee
House Budget Committee

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Product Categories


Fingerprint Devices

USB fingerprint readers for every application.


Smart Card Devices

USB Smart Card readers for the desktop.


Government Devices

FIPS 201 Approved Fingerprint and Smartcard Authentication Devices


Biometric Software

Off-the-shelf and custom solutions for a wide variety of authentication jobs.