More Installations with Rutgers University:
Zvetco Biometrics has announced the deployment of the integrated Biometric Subscription Control System in the Material Science and Engineering research laboratories of Rutgers University.

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Exciting new P5000M!
This full featured waterproof and mountable fingerprint reader is the latest addition to the Verifi line of biometric products.
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Biometric Software Systems are the engine for delivering business critical applications and infrastructure for today's security. Authasas, and ActivIdentity and are trusted names and provide the right choices for reducing cost, complexity and risk in your environment regardless of the applications and platforms you choose.

Biometric Software

Multi-factor Security
Active Directory
Smart Cards
Proximity Badges

Single Sign-On
Reduce Risks
Simple Administration
Biometric Connector (Available)

Enables Biometric Authentication for SAP Users and Transactions

Add a Biometric
Layer to Sun
Microsystems OS,
Apps, and Hardware

Record Searches
Fast Search Time
Audit Logs

You can use
SDK's to develop
your own software solution