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"The vendor, besides offering a quality keyboard with a built-in fingerprint scanner, also offers a quality and robust biometric fingerprint scanner that comes complete as a single add-on USB device”. . . “I'm recommending Zvetco Biometrics!"

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  • Robust Protection of Valuable Information
  • Protect an Entire Organization Both Users and Actions
  • Minimal Training
  • Exceptionally Cost Effective

Assists with compliance

bioLock can assist with compliance of mandates and government regulations for identity, privacy, policy enforcement, audit and authentication services.

Fraud mitigation

Biometrics offers much more than just simple password replacement. With unique, innovative technology, biometrics can identify the actual user in “realtime” and grant or deny access to critical functions and data. This will help to prevent costly incidents within the system.

Reduces exposure to risk

Eliminate the temptation for users to write down passwords or create simple, guessable static credentials. Create strong password policies that don’t require less secure password sharing or synchronization methods.

Simple yet secure

Add a second layer of protection (a biometric "door lock") on any critical area or function of your SAP system. In addition to the SAP User authorization users need a "special invitation" from the bioLock system to execute protected functions.

bioLock data and transaction protection also includes the following features:

  • Precise accountability and traceability
  • Highly targeted protection options: Infotypes, fields, buttons, tables, values, display, execute, and screen
  • Protects data at the core level
  • Addresses "Over Permitted" users
  • Indisputable transaction log
  • Fast-user switching that follows compliance policies