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Online Fraud.
"Unauthorized use of online accounts has become the fastest-growing fraud in the US, where 1.98 million users have lost a total of $2.4b in a year ."
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Verifi Waterproof Readers
The industries only line of completely waterproof devices.
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Customize with SDK's

Easily Develop your Biometric SolutionsZvetco and Authasas for AD Security

Many of Zvetco’s Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies that relied on older, legacy systems to manage their critical operations demanded a tool that allowed them to add biometric functionality to existing, non-biometrically enabled systems and legacy applications already in place. Further, it had to operate in a variety of programming environments such as Java, Delphi, Visual Basic, C++, C#, .NET, FoxPro and more.

Internal fraud was another important issue to be addressed, due to legacy systems’ reliance on dated, easily breached password based security models. This left a weakness that could be exploited by a determined insider. In addition, dependence on passwords yielded additional costs in the form of password related help desk costs.

To eliminate these issues, Zvetco provides a variety of SDK’s (Software Development Kits) that can quickly and easily incorporate biometrics to any existing software application.

While we offer several SDK’s, we feature the Griaule SDK which consists of a series of high-tech image processing and pattern matching algorithms wrapped in an easy to use software component. As such, software developers have access to the functions necessary to implement fingerprint recognition in their applications.

Return on investment comes by shortening the path between users and the resources they need to access, in the most diverse scenarios, with minimal cost and disruption. Identifying users by fingerprints is faster than checking their documents and it is also automated. Identification can also be done with fingerprints only, lowering the costs related to issuing cards or other extra identification items.

According to International Biometric Group’s – Biometrics Market and Industry Report 2009, “Fingerprint is the most used biometrics with 67% of market share."

Using fingerprint readers from Zvetco in concert with the Griaule SDK permits organizations to rapidly develop biometrically enabled applications, which will yield greater security and enhanced auditing capabilities via the irrefutable proof a fingerprint brings while satisfying the demand of end users for a simpler, easier way to access sensitive data and/or organizational IT resources.

Key Benefits

  • Web and enterprise development support
  • Rather than provide a cumbersome DLL, where you need to create import files for the language you are using, among other obstacles, Fingerprint SDK offers you an ActiveX, DLL, Java and .NET component.
  • Easy to learn – With the several samples available at Download Page, everything needed to develop in the supported languages is showed as example! The samples are provided in several languages, along with their source code
  • Compliant with ISO 19794-2 and ANSI 378-2004
  • Winner of the Global Fingerprint Verification Contest (FVC 2006)
  • Mature product that has been on the market since 1993

Zvetco Readers are Supported with Following SDK’s

  • Authentec
  • Authasas (provided by Zvetco)
  • Bromba
  • Griaule (provided by Zvetco)