Notable Features. . .
FIPS 201 Approved
This product is FIPS approved and on the GSA list.
Combination Device
This combination device includes both smartcard & fingerprint technologies.
All Metal Housing
All aluminum housing offers superior mechanical and electrical durability.
Active Capacitive
Superior fingerprint technology with capactive silicon sensor.
ESD Suppresion
Equipped with multiple ESD technologies to maximize and extend reliability.
ISO7816 Compliant
This USB reader is a fully ISO7816 compliant contact smart card reader.
Large Area Sensor
Large capacitive area sensor for ease of use.
Enhanced Imaging
Additional finger bezel enhances contrast of finger image.
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One of the "Best Products" awarded to the Verifi FingerTouch Security Professional.
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  • Smart Card and Fingerprint reader combination
  • High resolution 508 DPI sensor using AuthenTec's patented Active Capacitance Sensing Technology
  • Large 12.8mm X 18.0mm active sensing area
  • USB device for simple "Plug-N-Play" operation
  • Custom logo available
  • Solid aluminum design

AuthenTec's patented Active Capacitance Sensing Technology

provides a higher immunity to parasitic effects than passive capacitive sensing, delivering a high signal-to-noise ratio and the ability to capture fingerprints from the widest range of skin types.

HSPD-12 and PIV Cards

The U.S. HSPD-12 program mandates that approximately 10 million federal employees and contractors be issued ID cards with fingerprint templates. The fingerprint technology must meet the FIPS 201 standard. Other U.S. programs include TWIC, First Responders, FIXS and more.

To ensure interoperability, governments select products certified to established standards. By meeting FIPS 201, the P6500 offers the industries best and only silicon fingerprint sensor to meet the standard set by NIST and the FBI.

ESD suppression

From the layout of the electronic printed circuit board to the metal housing, every measure has been taken to provide the end user with unmatched ESD protection. In addition, special ESD suppression components were included in the design of the P6500 to give it every advantage in this critical area.

The AuthenTec Sensor Advantage

AuthenTec's patented silicon fingerprint sensor technology has a 10-year history of successful deployments in millions of products across the globe. AuthenTec's silicon fingerprint sensor technology has undergone years of "real world" testing resulting in a mature and reliable solution that is ready for today's pressing Identity Management applications.

Fingerprint Algorithm Support

The P6500 enjoys broad compatibility with today's leading fingerprint algorithm vendors including: Cogent, Sagem, NEC, Motorola, Bioscrypt, BioKEY, Innovatrics, Suprema, Neurotechnology and more. P6500 customers can choose the algorithm partner that best meets their needs.