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Combination Device
This combination device includes both smartcard & fingerprint technologies.
All Metal Housing
All aluminum housing offers superior mechanical and electrical durability.
Active Capacitive
Superior fingerprint technology with capactive silicon sensor.
ESD Suppresion
Equipped with multiple ESD technologies to maximize and extend reliability.
ISO7816 Compliant
This USB reader is a fully ISO7816 compliant contact smart card reader.
Steel Coat ®
Additional scratch resistant sensor steel coat coating to increase durability.
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The P5400 is a USB smartcard and fingerprint device for use in FIPS 201 and PIV card applications. It uses the Authentec TCS2 sensor with an additional coating that provides two times the impact and wear resistance of our normal sensors.

A Quick Look

  • FIPS 201 Certified SmartCard Reader
  • SteelCoat™ Sensor for Maximum Scratch Resistance
  • Meets GSA Smart Card requirements
  • ISO 7816 Smart Card Reader
  • Scratch Resistant Aluminum Housing
  • 10.4mm X 14.4mm Active Sensing Area

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Designed and Certified (APL# 483) to FIPS-201 standards, the Smart Card Device leverages a best of breed SCM Smart Card reader offering robust and reliable operation.


The P5400 offers a high performance contact smart card reader in an elegant small form factor.


With Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 being implemented, nearly every employee and contractor in the federal government is set to receive his or her own smart card credential.


SteelCoat is a unique protective that significantly enhances durability and enhances resistance to electrostatic discharge (ESD). SteelCoat is a hard epoxy protective coating for long, trouble-free sensor operation and is tested to withstand over 4 million touches.


"Biometrics will not be the sole technology used for authentication, and it shouldnt be. Security is about adding layers, it's not about substituting technology,... The human element is extremely important, and is achieved by a combination of biometrics, identity, and smart card technology"

Chris Christiansen ,
IDC (International Data Corp.)

Reader Comparisons

» Verifi Desktop Comparison Chart

Compatible Software

The P5400 is comparable with our single PC software as well as our client-server solutions. In addition, it can become part of select custom solutions.

»  Authasas Enterprise Edition
»  ActivIdentity® SecureLogin SSO

One to Many

Applications that need to search a large set of biometric data and identify an individual (1:N matching) require a larger fingerprint for comparison. The P5400, with it's 12.8mm X 18mm sensing area, provides more than enough data for these applications.