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All Metal Housing
All aluminum housing offers superior mechanical and electrical durability.
Active Capacitive
Superior fingerprint technology with capactive silicon sensor.
ESD Suppresion
Equipped with multiple ESD technologies to maximize and extend reliability.
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". . . all this requires is to teach users how to place their finger on Zvetco's biometric scanner during their first enrollment, and they can then log on and off the machines with the touch of a finger.
  W. Roger Canon, Professor
Rutgers University

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  • High resolution 250 DPI sensor using "True Print" technology
  • USB device for simple "Plug-N-Play" operation
  • Custom logo available
  • Detachable Cable

Take a Tour

Have a look inside the innovative P4000 Fingerprint reader and explore its features and design in detail.

ESD suppression

A multi-point suppression strategy ensures the quickest and most complete reaction to ESD overvoltage events, maximizing up-time and minimizing damage

On-Board Error Handling

A proactive microprocessor based error handling layer that is transparent to the end user and maximizes up-time eliminating costly tech support.

"True Print" Technology

A unique semiconductor-based fingerprint technology that uses small RF signals to detect the fingerprint ridge and valley pattern. The RF electronic imaging mechanism (TruePrint technology ) works by reading the fingerprint pattern from the live, highly-conductive layer of skin that lies just beneath the skin's dry outer surface layer.

Durable Mechanical Support

A reinforced mechanical support innovation minimizes flexing of the sensor electronics even under extreme pressures. This significantly increases the products reliability even with repeated stressful use.

SDK Availability

Software Developer's Kit (SDK's) are available for Independent Software Developers who wish to develop products that interface with the P3400.

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