Notable Features. . .
All Metal Housing
All aluminum housing offers superior mechanical and electrical durability.
Active Capacitive
Superior fingerprint technology with capactive silicon sensor.
ESD Suppresion
Equipped with multiple ESD technologies to maximize and extend reliability.
Cost Effective
Economical small sensor combines performance with cost effectiveness.
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Verifi Express Pack!
Fast and Affordable: Get a Verifi fingerprint reader for a special low price.
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The P3400 is the smallest and most cost effective fingerprint reader in the Verifi line of products. It's attractive styling and high resolution sensor make it an easy choice for any biometric desktop applications.

A Quick Look

  • High resolution 500 DPI image
  • Uses Authentec sensor, the most successful technology in the market
  • Solid Aluminum housing
  • Scratch resistant finishing
  • RoHS Compliant

Price & Purchase

Breakthrough Innovation

The P3400 will give you the ability to biometrically identify users on a network or a single PC. The small form factor and high quality image mean that it can be used with almost any biometric software to provide a quantifiable increase in security while helping you realize a true return on your investment

Designed for you

With a carefully engineered finger guide and the correct placement and angle of the fingerprint sensor, along with numerous electrical enhancements, this unit has all the critical design elements to give you the best fingerprint reader on the market.

Eliminate Passwords

The P3400 in conjunction with VID can solve your PC security problems

When used with Verifi Identity Manager, the P3400 becomes the hardware component of a Windows logon solution that eliminates passwords.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Verifi products come with a 30-day money back guarantee that makes your purchase worry free.


"We prefer the P3400 fingerprint reader in combination with the 'Verifi ID manager Desktop' from Zvetco Biometrics!"


Reader Comparisons

Verifi Desktop Comparison Chart

File Encryption

Biometrically protecting sensitive information has never been easier. Using the P3400 and VID you can establish a "Secure Drive" on your personal computer. This virtual drive is mountable so that it appears as any other drive while logged onto the PC, but when logged off, the drive becomes a hidden file that is 3-Key triple DES encrypted providing security for any data stored on the drive.