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If you are concerned with managing passwords amidst increasing regulatory pressure, rising security threats, and end-user frustration with passwords, ActivIdentity® SecureLogin® products provide your employees with easy single sign on access to network resources at a dedicated or shared workstations.

Features and Benefits

ActivIdentity SecureLogin SSO supports most commercial and proprietary Windows and Web applications, including:

  • Full and Seamless Authasas Integration
  • Internet and Intranet Web and HTTP sites
  • Citrix® XenApp 4.0 and 5.0 (32-bit and 64-bit), with Program Neighborhood Classic Client and Agent
  • Microsoft® Terminal Server
  • UNIX, AS/400 and mainframe applications
  • Customized support for DOS applications
  • Integrated with Microsoft Active Directory®, Sun® and other LDAP v3 compliant directories
  • Windows® 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
  • Supports login, password change and expiration, and virtually all error conditions.

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Powerful web support

SecureLogin SSO supports a wide range of web applications and pages giving you the power to quickly single sign on enable your JavaT or web logins.

  • Support for framed web pages makes it easy to login to complex framed websites.
  • Interact and respond to complex web forms or logins using powerful built-in wizards and the Application Definition Editor.
  • Powerful features to support Java applications and web pages. With SecureLogin SSO you have the ability to single sign-on into Java applications and Java applets. Full support is provided for AWT and Swing GUI components.

SecureLogin SSO Citrix Support

Seamless access to applications and resources in Citrix environments

ActivIdentity® SecureLogin® SSO is a comprehensive single sign on solution that fully supports a distributed Citrix Server Farm infrastructure and integrates with Citrix MetaFrame XP® Presentation ServerT and NFuse® implementations.

SecureLogin SSO integration with IBM Tivoli Identity Manager

Automate user account creation and streamline management ActivIdentity SecureLogin® SSO and IBM® Tivoli® Identity Manager integrate seamlessly to strengthen security in network processes by automating application credential provisioning, ensuring policy enforcement and auditing across all applications. Coupling these technologies eliminates the need for users to create and manage application credentials.

30-Day Risk Free Trial

Qualifying is easy to do! Receive a trial package complete with fingerprint readers and software for a 30-day risk free evaluation and pay only shipping costs.

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The market leading strong authentication capabilities of SecureLogin SSO make it the ideal choice for customers looking to couple the productivity and cost saving benefits of SSO with the added security of strong two-factor authentication.

Comprehensive Terminal Emulator Support

SecureLogin SSO provides full support for more than 30 mainframe, UNIX, ANSI and custom terminal emulators, including:

  • All popular 3270 and 5250 emulators from Eicon®, WRQ®, IBM®, NetManage®, JollyGiant, Pericom® and many more.
  • All popular telnet emulators from WRQ, IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Teraterm.
  • Most healthcare emulators, including HBO, Meditech, Lawson and 3MT.
  • Most ANSI and text based emulators.

Standards compliance

  • SNMP error and event monitoring supported
  • Triple DES encryption protects credentials
  • AES cyrptographic algorithm encrypts user data store (optional)

Capture ROI

with reduced help desk support costs (up to 40%), increased productivity (up to 18%), and increased user efficiency (up to 15%) according to leading industry analysts. Empower users who forget their Windows® Domain Password with simple and secure self-service password reset capabilities.

Comply with mandates

and government regulation for identity, privacy, policy enforcement, audit and authentication services.

Enhance security

by adding leading ActivIdentity strong authentication solutions such as ActivClientT and smart cards to cryptographically secure user credentials while further concealing password complexity and boosting credential mobility.

Improve productivity

Speed employee access to any application using out-of-the-box support for a wide range of enterprise applications and environments, including Microsoft®, Novell®, Citrix®, Entrust®, Lotus®, SAP®.

Ease of deployment

ActivIdentity SecureLogin® leverages an organization's existing sources of identity such as corporate directories and Identity Provisioning systems from Microsoft, Novell, SunT, and IBM®.