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Who Loses with Identity Theft?
"The Justice Department estimated the loss to households due to identity theft at $3.2 billion."
The Justice Department (DOJ)

Key Specifications

  • Integration with ActivIdentity, Passlogix v-GO, Oracle eSSO Single Sign-on
  • Integrated with Active Directory
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  Server Requirements    
  Operating System WindowsWindows® 2003 Server™ (Standard and Enterprise Editions)
Windows® 2008 Server™
Windows® 2008 Server™ R2
  Harddrive/RAM 30MB available hard disk
  Client Requirements    
  Operating System Windows® 2000
Windows® XP Professional™
Windows® VISTA
Windows® 7
Windows® 2003 Server™
Windows® 2008 Server
  C.P.U. Intel Pentium IV or better  
  Harddrive/RAM 50MB available hard disk
  Directory Support    
  Windows Active Directory Required  
  Authentication Methods    
  Biometrics Fingerprint Biometrics  
  Portable Credentials Smart Cards  
  Standard Passwords