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Introducing the P5000 fingerprint device. Incorporating the latest in biometric technology this large-area sensor is ready to you to new places.
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Security Efforts on the Rise.
"U.S. companies are expected to spend more than $10 billion this year on security compliance alone."
AMR Research

Authasas® Enterprise Edition (Authasas) is the most seamless, most powerful authentication infrastructure for Microsoft® Active Directory® user accounts. Authasas supports biometric authentication, and smart card and proximity badge identification.


  • Development environment support for Microsoft® Visual C++, Microsoft® Visual Basic and Microsoft® VBScript
  • Sample Code for Visual C++, Visual Basic and VBScript
  • User Authentication method
  • User Identification and Authentication method
  • Badge Detection method
  • User Badge Presence Detection method
  • Windows Password Retrieval method
  • Application User Secret Store/Retrieve/Delete methods
  • Badge Detection method

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Biometrically Protected Smart Cards

Authasas supports smart card identification and authentication. Whether in combination with biometrics or simply by themselves, smart cards provide an extra layer of protection.

Biometric Authentication Process

Biometric authentication identifies a user by a unique physical characteristic, like a fingerprint or iris pattern. In place of a password, a user's biometric sample is scanned by a biometric reader and translated into an encrypted numeric representation by a biometric service provider (BSP) module. The encrypted data forms a biometric template. The encrypted biometric template is then compared to the user's previously enrolled template, which is stored on the Authasas server or locally cached on the Authasas client. Successfully matched templates will verify the user's identity and validate system access.

30-Day Risk Free Trial

Qualifying is easy to do! Receive a trial package complete with fingerprint readers and software for a 30-day risk free evaluation and pay only shipping costs.

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The Authasas family of products in conjunction with our Verifi line of fingerprint readers offers improved network security that is easily deployed and managed by your IT department. Authasas Enterprise Edition allows Client and Mobile Edition software users to securely connect into the enterprise.

As a market leader in biometric/smart card enabled security software, our partner Authasas has established itself with over 1 million units shipped worldwide.

Authasas® Direct Integration

Authasas SDK provides application developers with an interface to Authasas®, a biometric authentication solution designed and tested for enterprise-level deployments. Authasas includes a network-centric client/server architecture and management framework that features a central server.

The Authasas server stores and retrieves user information (like user biometrics, delegates and badge information) from a directory service, such as Active Directory or Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM).

Secure User Credentials

  • Fully encrypted (128 bit) DCOM communications between client and server as well as between Authasas server and Active Directory or ADAM
  • 128 bit Triple DES encryption to securely store biometric user credentials and data in Active Directory or ADAM
  • 128 bit Triple DES encryption to securely store biometric user credentials and data on a standalone or disconnected workstation


The SDK logs biometric authentication events triggered by the SDK to an audit log. This allows a system administrator to view all authentication activities performed by an SDK application. Auditing utilizes the standard Authasas auditing framework.