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Are you looking to upgrade your system security?áVerifi products can provide an effective security solution while also offering scalability for your growing business demands.
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Authasas, leverages the performance and security of the Citrix ICA channel to “tunnel” biometric authentication to published applications and published desktops whether accessed via Program Neighborhood client or Citrix Agent.


  • Authentication to Citrix Environments
  • Enforce biometric authentication before enabling access to published applications and published desktops
  • Biometric authentication for Citrix Program Neighborhood
  • Native support for ICA channel to provide local device support with minimal client footprint
  • Delivers strong authentication for thin client and virtualized desktop deployments

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Citrix XenDesktop

Authasas is designed to leverage the benefits Citrix Password Manager and XenDesktop. When deployed in a Citrix XenDesktop environment, users benefit from the fast-user-switching, "kiosk" performance with the added security and convenience of biometric login.


The Authasas family of products in conjunction with our Verifi line of fingerprint readers offers improved network security that is easily deployed and managed by your IT department. Authasas Enterprise Edition allows Client and Mobile Edition software users to securely connect into the enterprise.

As a market leader in biometric/smart card enabled security software, our partner Authasas has established itself with over 1 million units shipped worldwide.

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