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Enterprise-grade security software replaces Windows ® password access to Windows Active Directory Servers with biometric or smart card authentication methods - the most reliable and convenient forms of security on the market.


  • Secure Windows Logon
  • Integrates with Active Directory
  • BioAPI compliant
  • Centralized biometric templates management
  • Full Integratation with ActivIdentity, Passlogix v-GO, Oracle eSSO Single Sign-on

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Secure Authentication

Authasas fully integrates with Windows operating system logon security, allowing fingerprints to be used in place of Windows passwords for logging on to workstations and/or the network.

Seamless Active Directory Integration

No need to learn new interfaces; administrators manage and enforce business security policies using their existing Active Directory infrastructure. Integrates into the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap -in for ease of administration and leverages the Active Directory administrative model to enforce policies for biometrics.

30-Day Risk Free Trial

Qualifying is easy to do! Receive a trial package complete with fingerprint readers and software for a 30-day risk free evaluation and pay only shipping costs.

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The Authasas family of products in conjunction with our Verifi line of fingerprint readers offers improved network security that is easily deployed and managed by your IT department. Authasas Enterprise Edition allows Client and Mobile Edition software users to securely connect into the enterprise.

As a market leader in biometric/smart card enabled security software, our partner Authasas has established itself with over 1 million units shipped worldwide.

SSO (Single Sign On)

ActivIdentity® Single Sign-On is the enterprise single sign-on solution that actually works - right now. This solution eliminates the users burden of remembering multiple passwords and enables organizations to increase security and achieve regulatory compliance while lowering help desk costs and improving productivity.
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Authasas, combined with our biometric readers provide a solution for corporate challenges in various industries particularly in financial, healthcare, education, Retail and other industries.


Following the new HIPPA regulations, access to electronic data (in various forms) is restricted to specific personnel and should be fully controlled. Authasas provides the appropriate tool to comply with HIPPA regulations.


Following the new SOX (Sarbane - Oxley) regulations, access to electronic data (in various forms) is restricted to authorized personnel in order to avoid transactions made by unauthorized users. Authasas provides the appropriate tool to comply with the SOX regulations.


Any size of enterprise that target higher level of security combined with the biometric authentication convenience in their enterprise network & IT systems