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SAFmodule brings enterprise-grade, easily managed secure authentication (smart card, fingerprint, iris, voice, and face) to Novell eDirectory networks by coupling Authasas's proven security framework with the Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS) enterprise framework.


  • Increased network security using your choice of biometrics, smart cards, tokens, and badges
  • Increased convenience for end-users - no more passwords to remember!
  • Eliminates password problems and reduces help desk support costs
  • Ensures end-user compliance with security policies
  • Reduces liability and facilitates compliance with industry regulations and legislation
  • Provides long-term return on investment due to open standards-based architecture

Price & Purchase

Secure Authentication Framework

In product development, a framework is a set of rules on how different components plug in and interoperate; it is a blueprint on how everything works together. For Authasas, the Secure Authentication Framework (SAF) is both an outline on how the product works and the set of principles on which it was designed. It offers enterprise customers levels of security and administration only possible through comprehensive integration with the operating environment. It is a commitment to industry open standards so that customers benefit from the widest choice, latest technologies, most competitive prices, and best practices.

Mix & Match Strong Authentication

SAFmodule allows enterprises to take advantage of a wide variety of strong authentication technologies such as smart cards, fingerprint authentication, iris recognition, speaker verification and facial recognition. Along with NMAS, administrators can also mix in proximity cards, tokens, badges, and Entrust X.509 digital certificates.

User Authority Delegation

Allows assistants and generic account end users to biometrically log on using another authorized identity, providing essential audit and administrator controls not possible through password sharing.

30-Day Risk Free Trial

Qualifying is easy to do! Receive a trial package complete with fingerprint readers and software for a 30-day risk free evaluation and pay only shipping costs.

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The Authasas family of products in conjunction with our Verifi line of fingerprint readers offers improved network security that is easily deployed and managed by your IT department. Authasas Enterprise Edition allows Client and Mobile Edition software users to securely connect into the enterprise.

As a market leader in biometric/smart card enabled security software, our partner Authasas has established itself with over 1 million units shipped worldwide.

Seamless Integration with Novell eDirectory & NMAS

Allows administrators to extend (not replace) and strengthen existing infrastructure by adding strong authentication methods. No need to learn new interfaces. No need to set up and manage new infrastructure.

Flexible Authentication Methods

Two- & Three-Factor Authentication

along with NMAS, combine something you know (like a PIN) with something you have (such as a token, smart card or badge) and/or with something you are (namely fingerprint, iris, voice or face).

Choice of Enrollment Methods

In addition to administrator-controlled enrollments, administrators can allow users to self-enroll (optional or required) using our enrollment wizard.

Fast Enroll

Allows administrators to enroll a large number of end-users very efficiently. Great when rolling out biometrics to large enterprises.