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"The vendor, besides offering a quality keyboard with a built-in fingerprint scanner, also offers a quality and robust biometric fingerprint scanner that comes complete as a single add-on USB device”. . . “I'm recommending Zvetco Biometrics!"

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  • Increases the Productivity of Users
  • Improves Compliance with Government Regulations
  • Protects Resources by Enforcing User Access Rights
  • Simplifies Deployment of Strong Authentication

Provides cost-effective solution

With SecureLogin SSO, users no longer need to remember as many credential sets with single sign on, meaning fewer calls to reset passwords or unlock accounts.

Assists with compliance

SecureLogin SSO can assist with compliance of mandates and government regulations for identity, privacy, policy enforcement, audit and authentication services.

Enhances user convenience and increases productivity

Users access multiple systems and applications using a single secure login. Reduce employee time spent logging on and waiting for resolution from help desk password resets.

Reduces exposure to risk

Eliminate the temptation for users to write down passwords or create simple, guessable static credentials. Create strong password policies that don’t require less secure password sharing or synchronization methods.

Simple yet secure

ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On software provides a simple and secure approach, enabling consistent password management and allowing organizations to provide a single secure sign-on for both local and remote users.

ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single Sign-On also includes the following features:

  • Manages all passwords from a central directory with supporting group policies
  • Supports a wide range of applications out of the box, including leading email, instant messaging, virtual private network (VPN), remote access, and terminal clients
  • Scales from a few users to potentially millions across sites and across multiple countries without the need to provision additional databases, hardware, or backup / disaster recovery solutions
  • Combines wizard technology with scripting capabilities to provide the flexibility to enable single sign-on for both common and custom applications
  • Plugs in to the directory’s administrative controls that organizations are already familiar with, lowering training costs
  • For customers who want to add strong authentication protection to their network and application logins, provides tight integration with strong authentication technology, in particular smart cards