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Introducing the P5000 fingerprint device. Incorporating the latest in biometric technology this large-area sensor is ready to you to new places.
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Introducing the P5000M

This full featured waterproof and mountable fingerprint reader is the latest addition to the Verifi line of biometric products.
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Product Safety Overview

The Verifi products receive an extensive Design FMEA ( Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) in part to uncover and highlight safety considerations. Design FMEA's are a part of a QS9000 quality and design standards effort practiced by Zvetco engineering. A Design FMEA identifies and quantifies risk factors during a design cycle. This rigorous and thorough standards philosophy ensures that quality is designed into each and every device.


Since fingerprint reading devices are a relatively new technology, traditional CE and UL levels of certification for a low-powered USB device were not solely relied upon to determine safe operation under all conditions.

Circuit Thermal Analysis

Thermal Infrared analysis was performed to confirm all theoretical predictions involving heat related safety issues.

Safety Summary

Thorough efforts were conducted through a DFMEA to identify and quantify all safety design considerations. During the design process several layers of protective features were added to the device enabling devices such as the P4000 to be classified as an extremely safe fingerprint reader. Equally complimentary efforts were performed during a PFMEA to identify risk factors and areas of potential mistakes of production processes. Mistake proofing efforts ensure that all produced fingerprint devices meet the high design standards for safety and performance.