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Calculation Variables

Potential usage pattern for minimum of three years: (50 times per day + 5% retries) X 250 working days X 3 years = 39,380 uses

Scratch and Impact Resistant Sensor

The surface of the sensor matrix is treated with a proprietary, advanced ceramic coating, having a Mohs hardness rating of 7+. The purpose of this layer is to protect the exposed IC and to generally resist abrasion, scratches, and wear.


Testing has determined that the sensor will function adequately over its intended design lifetime of 10 years, with no significant degradation in performance. The testing shows, even one million impacts produced no visible or electrical change in the quality of the sensor output, and one million rubs did not result in any package degradation or decrease in electrical performance. Users can confidently expect the lifetime of the sensor under the normal use described in these test scenarios to be many years.


Based upon the construction material and robustness of the fingerprint sensor the reader is capable of over one million uses.