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Today governmental agencies face stringent requirements for securing digital information. Let the Verifi series of biometric security devices satisfy your deadlines.
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Rugged Metal Casing

A premium metal casing, scratch resistant sensor, and unique stress relief combine to create a rugged fingerprint reader that is resistant to scratches, impact, and vibration. With no brittle and thin plastic to worry about, the Verifi series is completely built from solid aluminum offering superior strength and durability. Finishes with a highly scratch resistant powder-coated finish the casing thrives in difficult environments.

Scratch and Impact Resistant Sensor

The surface of the sensor matrix is treated with a proprietary, advanced ceramic coating, having a Mohs hardness rating of 7+. The purpose of this layer is to protect the exposed IC and to generally resist abrasion, scratches, and wear. Among the conditions a silicon fingerprint sensor must tolerate is repeated impact/pressure by the user's finger. If the design of the sensor does not take this fact into account, this type of impact can stress the package leads and die surface, possibly leading to lead failure or fracture of the die surface over time. The Verifi rigid metal structure and PCB stress relief contribute to minimize stress on the sensor itself.