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Financial Applications.
Don't let tracking and auditing transactions become overwhelming. Let Zvetco arm you with irrefutable authentication.
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Verifi Express Pack!
Fast and Affordable: Get a Verifi fingerprint reader for a special low price.
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Design Lifetime

Based on test results it was determined that the sensors will function adequately over their intended design lifetime, with no significant degradation in performance. The testing shows, even one million impacts produced no visible or electrical change in the quality of the sensor output, and one million rubs did not result in any package degradation or decrease in electrical performance. Users can confidently expect the lifetime of the sensor under the normal use described in these test scenarios to be many years. For applications that do not have such a high use rate, such as a personal computer login application, the impact and abrasion lifetime of the sensors could be even longer. With no brittle and thin plastic to worry about, the Verifi series is completely built from solid aluminum offering superior strength and durability. Finishes with a highly scratch resistant powder-coated finish the casing thrives in difficult environments.

Stress Relief

Verifi products prevent the aggravation in dealing with a damaged electronic device even if they accidentally pulled the cord to hard. By incorporating a detachable USB cable superb stress relief is realized.