"Zvetco’s FingerTouch is actually the most full-featured of the biometric solutions as software goes. In addition to securely storing e-wallet information such as addresses, phone numbers and even credit card information, the Verifi ID software that ships with Zvetco’s biometric pod will recognize non-standard Web login forms as well as application logins with a little user intervention."
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Verifi on the move!
Zvetco portable security devices are designed with your mobility in mind.
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Channel Partners

Channel partners (CP) are provided with distributor prices as well as Zvetco's Logo, marketing materials, mutual NDA, MOU (including reseller agreement) and partner information. Zvetco's CPP arms resellers with the option for customizing their logos, colors, as well as cable lengths, to create tailored security solutions for all business environments.

What are the benefits?

Once you become our CP, you will get a partner package that includes the following

  • Zvetco' Corporate & Distributor price lists - Corporate price list will be provided to any CP. Distributor prices will be provided for a minimum initial order of fingerprint readers. In addition, all quantities ordered will accrue to provide you better prices along the way.
  • Marketing material - We will provide you with dedicated marketing material including brochures, product documentation, white papers and logos to be used as part of your promotion activity
  • Active link on the CP list on our website - As our CP you will have an active link to your website including your logo, and company brief
  • Training & Support - We will provide you with Installation & implementation training & Support.
  • Device Branding - You could OEM / brand our units with your private logo.

How can I become a Channel Partner?

Contact: Zvetco Biometrics in order to obtain the following documents:

  1. Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (MNDA)
  2. Memorandum of understanding (MOU), including reseller agreement
  3. Partner Information

Fill in, sign and either fax or email back as required on the document. Zvetco will respond within 48 hours.

The next step . . .

Companies interested in joining a Zvetco Partner Program should send a request to: