Standard terms and conditions for product development


We will invoice The Client every month. Terms are net 10 days from receipt of invoice, payable in U.S. dollars, in the United States. A 1.5% per month late fee is applied on the outstanding balance after 30 days.


Travel and hotel expenses will be invoiced at cost. Food and incidentals are calculated on a per diem basis at $75 per day in the continental U.S., Costa Rica and Canada, and $150 per day overseas. A flat 8 % of billed fees will be applied towards administrative costs such as photocopying, telephone and fax use, graphics, tolls, use of personal car, tips, parking, etc.

Working Hours

When on a trip, 8 hours per day will be charged. There is no extra charge if The Client's normal work schedule extends beyond 8 hours. Similarly, no extra will be added if early breakfast or post-meeting dinners are involved.


Generally, a day is the minimum unit if travel is involved. For multiple-day tasks or clients in commuting area, half-day may be used. Travel is coach on flights within the continental U.S., Costa Rica and Canada, and business class on overseas flights.


ZVETCO will guard in confidence all General Client Information concerning the affairs of The Client that is gathered during the course of the assignment. ZVETCO will hold such General Client Information in confidence, and agrees not to disclose it to others for a two-year period, or, until such General Client Information is otherwise released by The Client. All information marked as Proprietary or Confidential and is exchanged between both ZVETCO and The Client during the course of this engagement will be held in strict confidence by both parties and not disclosed to any third parties unless otherwise necessary through the business requirements of the engagement. Such information will be kept confidential until it becomes public or otherwise known in the industry. During the course of engagement, it may also become necessary for one or both parties to exchange Trade Secret information. In such cases, both ZVETCO and The Client agree they will identify their respective Trade Secret at the time of disclosure in writing. Both parties agree that any information not identified in writing at the time of disclosure as a Trade Secret can not be considered a Trade Secret at any time.


Zvetco is not liable for any claims arising from the manufacture, marketing, selling or use of any products designed by Zvetco.

Intellectual Property

Any patent rights to inventions that result from our work for the Client will be assigned to The Client without any additional charges. The Client is responsible for any all legal fees and similar expenses necessary to obtain a patent. ZVETCO retains ownership of any methods, knowledge, analyses, data, formulations, or any other underlying ingredient used by ZVETCO to develop the invention. Where software and / or firmware is an integral part of the product design, the Client will be assigned rights to those, as well as the product itself, with no additional charge. However, Zvetco will retain ownership of algorithms, codes, or any underlying engineering methods or ingredients.


During the course of the project and for a period of one year after its termination, ZVETCO undertakes not to make offers of employment to, or engage any employee or agent of The Client connected with the project without The Client's prior written consent. The Client shall not make offers of employment to, or engage any employee or agent of ZVETCO without ZVETCO's prior written consent.