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Zvetco's market focus is a reflection of our belief that biometric technology and devices are primarily a business tool, rather than a consumer gadget. A professional auto mechanic is not likely to pick up a $20 torque wrench, and would gladly spend 15 times that much to get the quality tool that he needs. An IT executive is not more likely to select a biometric device that comes with a disclaimer "do not use to secure financial information". He or she would rather invest a little more in the best performing and most secure technology instead.


We pride ourselves for making the best biometrics tools in their class, and naturally we reach for corporate customers in the USA and around the globe. Our customers in the Financial, Health Care and Retail sectors leverage the trouble free performance of our solutions to enhance their revenue streams, reduce administrative costs and comply with government regulation.


We concentrate on logical access - securing access to computers and networks, as this area represents the largest opportunity for somewhat standardized, USB security devices. The physical access market is more fragmented and we leave it to others in the mean time.


As we became successful in marketing our desktop and laptop solutions to many corporations around the world, we realized that we are nearing the day when every government employee would need to use biometric technology to secure access to government networks. Our new fingerprint readers, the P5000 family, feature large area silicon sensors that are at home in any FIPS 201 environment, where we expect major growth.