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Computerized Kiosk Provider for Health-care adds Zvetco Fingeprint Readers.


ars technica reviews Verifi FingerTouch: "The Verifi reader in this roundup is arguably the most secure."


A word from Zvetco's CEO.

New trends that are changing Biometrics.


The CRNTV Test Center puts Zvetco's Verifi P3400WP waterproof biometric fingerprint reader into live tests. (Show 47)

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Biometric Consortium, The Biometric Consortium organizes a premier biometrics conference every fall.

The Biometric Consortium serves as a focal point for research, development, testing, evaluation, and application of biometric-based personal identification/verification technology.

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SC Magazine

David Ludlow, SC Magazine reviews our Verifi FingerTouch Security Professional.
"This is a flexible and powerful authentication service."


Orlando Business Journal

Chris Kauffmann with the Orlando Business Journal discusses Zvetco's entrance into the Danish market.
"Biometric security is a natural fit for large retailers," Fakta's chief controller, John Ravn.


Food USA

The P3400WP is a durable, waterproof fingerprint reader for the food industry.
"Fingerprint reader built to withstand harsh chemicals."


HUB Digital Living

Andrew Moore-Crispin reviewed the Verrifi FingerTouch Professional for HUB Digital Living.
"The FingerTouch and Verifi ID software does an excellent job of keeping data and accounts secure."

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