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Best-in-class fingerprint authentication hardware manufacturer and security solution provider today announced that its Verifi™ line of fingerprint biometric readers are now compatible with realtime's bioLock™ Software.

Orlando, Fla. (PRWEB) October 01, 2009

Best-in-class fingerprint authentication hardware manufacturer and security solution provider today announced that its Verifi™ line of fingerprint biometric readers are now compatible with realtime's bioLock™ Software.

This integration enables biometric authentication and fraud mitigation for SAP applications for government and commercial applications. Whether protecting sensitive SAP applications and transactions, meeting the demands of regulatory compliance, or complying with federal mandates, the Zvetco Verifi™ and bioLock™ solution delivers a cohesive system of protection.

With the simple addition of Zvetco's Verifi fingerprint readers and bioLock™ software from realtime to existing SAP users, government and enterprise can realize significantly increased security by verifying the identity of those individuals wishing to access their SAP user profiles and execute sensitive transactions, functions or buttons.

This partnership is already paying dividends for Purdue Pharma L.P., a pharmaceutical company focused on meeting the needs of healthcare providers and the patients in their care. Purdue is using bioLock™ for workflow payment approval. An automated workflow sends an email with a link to an approver, the approver clicks the link and bioLock™ pops up a window that asks the user to authenticate themselves and approve the transaction using the Zvetco Verifi™ P5000 biometric reader. Once done, the payment is immediately approved within the SAP system.

To date, bioLock™ is the only certified biometric technology available for ERP market leader, SAP, that offers biometric access and function control. With bioLock™ and Zvetco Biometric readers, a company can restrict logon to its SAP applications and transactions, as well as any field or info type of data, with the added security of fingerprint biometrics that require users to prove "who they are" rather than "what they know" such as less-secure passwords. In addition, bioLock™ can uniquely identify the "actual user" (not a user profile that could be used by anybody) of an SAP application or transaction and can log his or her activities into the standard log file providing proof of who did what and when within the system. The use of bioLock™ allows more accurate audits, enforces segregation of duties and will help with compliance and regulatory mandates such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Thomas Neudenberger, COO of realtime North America said, "This first step of applying Zvetco Biometrics Verifi™ line of rugged, all-metal biometric readers to realtime's bioLock™ will lead the way for large scale deployments where a premium is placed on high quality image output with long term reliability of the reader. Together with our bioLock™software, this provides the SAP customer with a true 'world class' security solution and will be especially attractive for SAP's government customers. Zvetco's fingerprint technology has been designed for serious users that need to secure important information. We are very excited about this integration and our ability to deliver a complete, professional solution."

Zavi Cohen, CEO, Zvetco Biometrics added, "We are very pleased to be partnering with realtime North America. The bioLock solution targets a very important need, helping corporations to secure mission critical applications and information systems. We believe that being able to authenticate down to the transaction and data level is an exceptionally valuable tool for the security and management of SAP users worldwide."

The Verifi line of readers, including the P5000 and P6000 family of products are enterprise ready fingerprint readers with all metal housings, combination smart card/fingerprint reader capability, optional waterproof, FIPS-201 certification and extremely high reliability make for the perfect candidates for large-scale enterprise deployments. Additionally, the waterproof capabilities are ideal for healthcare environments where they can be sprayed regularly with disinfectant without worry, while meeting the revised stringent security requirements of HIPAA and other healthcare related government security mandates. In particular, the recently announced transition to an electronic patient record from paper records necessitates a higher level of protection that only biometric security can provide.

This addition also complements the recently announced Verifi P6000, which is intended toward government deployments. This unit is a certified single fingerprint reader that meets the FIPS 201/PIV requirements of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD 12). As such, the Verifi P6000 is a great match for protecting government desktops and networks everywhere. The Verifi P6000 is designed to facilitate government and enterprise logical access -- the protection of personal computers and electronic data to help prevent the inside threat. Further, with its state of the art capacitive sensor technology it is able to capture high quality fingerprints from a wide spectrum of traditionally difficult fingers such as those with dry, moist, scarred and aged skin.

About realtime:

realtime was established in Europe by former senior SAP employees in 1986 with an emphasis on innovative, inexpensive and convenient solutions for access control, authorization profile management, expert consulting and advanced security to include biometrics. realtime has a client base of over 200 "Fortune Global 500" customers in Europe and in North America, including the U.S. Army, Bayer, DaimlerChrysler, Siemens, Toyota, Procter & Gamble, DuPont, Marathon Oil, Nestlé, and others.

About Zvetco Biometrics

Zvetco Biometrics is a manufacturer of best-in-class identity authentication hardware and provider of identity management solutions. Founded in 1999, Zvetco provides its customers in corporate enterprise, government, financial services, healthcare, gaming, food services and point-of-sale with cost-effective network security tools that prevent identity theft, increase accountability and eliminate the cost and inconvenience of password-based access. Zvetco Biometrics' Verifi™ line of biometric products incorporates precision fingerprint-sensing technology into ergonomic computer peripherals that deliver unparalleled performance, reliability and convenience. Available in multiple form factors, Verifi™ products use proven AuthenTec and AuthenTec sensor technology, offer a rugged, elegant design, a standard USB interface, enhanced security and convenience, private labeling and other custom options. Information about Zvetco and its products is available at or by calling (407) 681-0111.

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