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Comprehensive Desktop and Enterprise Security Solutions Extend Power of Biometric Authentication to Manage Passwords, Encrypt Files, Facilitate Secure Online Purchases and More

Orlando, Fla., - February 14, 2005; Best-in-class fingerprint authentication solution developer Zvetco Biometrics today announced Verifi ID Manager™, a new line of software products that operate in conjunction with Zvetco's leading fingerprint authentication hardware and third-party authentication methods. Verifi ID Manager is an affordable and reliable Identity Management and password replacement system that prevents unauthorized computer or network access. Verifi ID Manager includes a wide range of applications that leverage biometric security for file encryption, secure disk storage, protected application launch and much more -- replacing the complexity of secure authentication with a simple and secure touch of a finger. "Business and consumer use of the Internet is reliant upon verification of a user's identity. Email, banking, research and other types of computer use, both offline and online, require complex passwords to access content securely, which has lead to a proliferation of passwords that is overwhelming to manage," said Zavi Cohen, CEO of Zvetco Biometrics. "Verifi ID Manager was created to eliminate the need to remember a multitude of passwords, and to streamline enterprise deployment and management of biometric authentication. For security to be effective, it must be convenient. Zvetco Biometrics takes the pain out of security with just one touch of a finger."

The new ID Manager™ software products are used in conjunction with Verifi™ line of biometric products (sold separately or packaged together) to provide a complete solution for Identity management, secure authentication, and password replacement (Single Sign On), and can also be used to leverage tokens, smart cards and other authentication methods. It protects mobile users against the data security risks of lost or stolen laptops, and offers a wide range of security applications for small business, consumer and retail use.

The software is packaged in two versions tailored to the corporate and consumer markets respectively, providing comprehensive identity management, secure authentication, and authorizations & administration capabilities. For enterprise deployment, a Client Server solution, Verifi ID Manager CS™, leverages server services provided by Cognizance IAM™. Verifi ID Manager CS integrates with most popular enterprise directories, including Active Directory, ONE Directory (iPlanet) and eDirectory. This high-performance solution includes flexible reporting and auditing subsystem and supports large-scale deployment.

For the consumer market, Verifi ID Manager is a Desktop version based on the enterprise CS product, with identical user interface. It supports Microsoft Windows Logon and "Fast User Switching" and offers advanced Single Sign On & Password Management. Other major benefits to consumers and corporate users alike are:

Secure Disk - Biometric-protected and encrypted partition of the computer hard disk provides a secure vault for files

eWallet - Electronic wallet securely automates transmission of credit- card, address and personal information

Secure Application Launch - Manages access to restricted applications with biometric protection

File Encryption - Biometric locking of files provided added security for individual files

Identity Credential Backup - Automatically stores biometric identity securely to ensure safe recovery of authentication credentials in case of system crash, etc.

Migrations Capabilities - Identity credentials (including passwords) are securely portable for use in future versions of the software.

Support for Third-Party Authentication - Software can be used with other authentication methods and credentials, including tokens and smart cards

Multi User Types Options - Supports administrator and multiple user environments

Verifi ID Manager is sold as software only, or can be purchased bundled in retail packages that include Zvetco Biometrics' Verifi line of precision fingerprint readers. Verifi products are available in multiple form factors (including a waterproof version) and offer a rugged, elegant design, a standard USB interface and enhanced security and convenience.

Pricing and Availability

Verifi ID Manager is priced at $34.95 for the software package only, and at $99 for a single retail package that includes a Verifi P3400 fingerprint reader. Channel pricing is also available. Verifi ID Manager and the CS versions are available now, and can be purchased directly from Zvetco Biometrics' Web site, , or through its channel and retail partners.

About Zvetco Biometrics

Zvetco Biometrics is a provider of best-in-class identity authentication hardware that uses innovative fingerprint sensing technology to safeguard data access. Founded in 1999, Zvetco Biometrics provides its customers in the corporate enterprise, financial services, healthcare, gaming and retail industries with cost-effective biometric tools that enhance security, increase accountability, and eliminate the cost and inconvenience of password-based access. Zvetco Biometrics' Verifi™ line of biometric products incorporates precision fingerprint-sensing technology into ergonomic computer peripherals that deliver unparalleled performance, reliability and convenience. Available in multiple form factors, Verifi™ products use Authentec's TruePrint(R) sensor technology, offer a rugged, elegant design, a standard USB interface, enhanced security and convenience, private labeling, and other custom options. Information about Zvetco Biometrics and its products is available on the Web at or by calling (407) 681-0111.

Verifi™ is a trademark of Zvetco Biometrics. All other trademarks, registered trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

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