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Best-in-class device delivers powerful, yet economical password replacement and biometric protection

ORLANDO, Fla. and NEW YORK, October 4, 2004; Zvetco Biometrics, a provider of best-in-class identity authentication hardware, today announced the new Verifi™ P3400 USB (Universal Serial Bus) fingerprint reader, which replaces usernames and passwords with a quick and easy fingerprint scan. The new P3400 allows computer users to biometrically secure their PC or notebook, while eliminating the need to memorize or manage passwords. The P3400 joins the growing Verifi™ line of biometric peripherals and is the first to employ the AES 3400 sensor from AuthenTec. Other Verifi products employ the AES 4000 sensor from AuthenTec. Both sensors are widely considered superior to optical or capacitive devices.

Last year alone, identity theft cost businesses and consumers $53 billion and afflicted 10 million people (Federal Trade Commission), and 49 percent of U.S. companies fell victim to intellectual property theft (Computer Security Institute). The P3400 fingerprint reader allows companies and consumers alike to prevent data theft resulting from unauthorized access. The new P3400 enables positive user authentication with a single finger touch and without passwords. The result is much-enhanced security and increased convenience. Other benefits include reduced costs of managing corporate password systems.

The P3400 is constructed of high-quality aluminum, comes equipped with a 6-foot USB cable, and is compatible with most biometric security access software packages. Its ergonomic design provides a well-defined finger rest that facilitates quick and reliable verification. The P3400's cutting-edge industrial design complements any workspace environment. The P3400 is available for resale in bulk quantities with user-specified software. The unit is also available for retail sale as the VP3400 "One-Touch" password replacement system, which retails for $99.00 and includes biometric software compatible with Windows operating systems (98/ME/2000/XP) and a quick start guide. The P3400 and the VP3400 carry a two-year limited warranty.

"The P3400 provides consumers with peace-of-mind and corporations with competitive business advantage," said Zavi Cohen, CEO of Zvetco Biometrics. "The P3400 works particularly well with Single Sign-On (SSO) systems in which a fingerprint, rather than a password, is used as a gateway, resulting in the benefits and convenience of a single password without ever having to type, or even remember, a password."

About Zvetco Biometrics

Zvetco Biometrics is a provider of best-in-class identity authentication hardware that uses innovative fingerprint sensing technology to safeguard data access. Founded in 1999, Zvetco Biometrics incorporates precision fingerprint- sensing technology into its Verifi™ line of ergonomic biometric computer peripherals to provide the corporate enterprise, financial services, healthcare, gaming and retail industries with enhanced security, accountability, cost savings and convenience. Information about Zvetco.

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